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Readiness Quizzes

Most university study requires Maths skills - although different courses require different knowledge. You won't be taught the basics as part of your undergraduate degree, so it is essential that you have the right skills for your course before you start your study.

Use the links below to access quizzes that will check your skills. The quizzes will help you to be sure you enrol in the right Maths paper for your skill level.


Basic University Maths skills

You'll encounter maths along the way; this quiz will give you a good idea of core knowledge you are expected to have.

Do this quiz if you want to check your basic maths knowledge.

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General Maths

Even if you're not majoring in a maths based subject (e.g. Accounting, Finance), there will be quite a bit of maths as part of your degree.

Do this quiz if you are enrolling in a BBS or BAcc.

Example papers that require this level:

  • 161.101 Statistics for Business

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Sciences: General Maths

Even if you're majoring in a general area you'll need a good understanding of maths, including algebra, for a number of your papers. 16 credits in NCEA level 2 Maths are recommended.

Do this quiz if you're enrolling in a BSc or another degree that includes Maths.

Example papers that require this level:

  • 123.101 Chemistry and Living Systems
  • 160.105 Methods of Mathematics
  • 161.120 Introductory Statistics
  • 161.131 Mathematics for Business

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Sciences: Advanced Maths

If you are studying a degree with a significant mathematical component you are expected to have 16 credits in NCEA level 3 Maths with Calculus, or the equivalent.

Do this quiz if you are studying Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Engineering.

Example papers that require this level:

  • 123.102 Chemistry and the Material World
  • 124.101 Physics 1A
  • 160.101 Calculus
  • 160.102 Algebra

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We have provided links to online Maths help on the MathsFirst website, should you need it.

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