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Online Help on the Massey University Maths Help Page Maths First

Online Help - preparation, learning and success

Having trouble on a particular area in Arithmetic, Algebra or Calculus? Practice web pages are available online to help you brush up on any required skills.


Arithmetic is the study of numbers, their properties, and certain operations on numbers.These operations form the building blocks for quantitative methods in business and the sciences.


Algebra is a generalization and extension of arithmetic. Its use is widspread in science and business. Topics where help is available include: formulae, exponents, factorisation, expansions, polynomials and rational functions.


Calculus is the branch of mathematics that uses derivatives and integrals to study continuously changing quantities. Its use is fundamental in many areas of science and business.


Trigonometry involves the study of angles, triangles and trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine and tangent. It combines arithmetic, algebra, and geometry and is often required in the solving of problems in calculus.


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