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Harder Examples

Example 8

Here are some harder examples, some of which use more than one of the rules we've learned so far.



Exercise 8

Feeling confident about your skills with Exponents? Then try these harder examples. Once you are done, click on the question marks to see the solutions step-by-step:




We summarise the rules of exponents:

Rule 1:        b^m*b^n=b^(m+n).


Rule 2:        b^m/b^n=b^m*b^(-n)=b^(m-n).


Rule 3:        (b^m)^n=b^(m*n)


Rule 4:        (a*b)^n=a^n*b^n


Rule 5:        (a/b)^n=a^n/b^n

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