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About Maths First

At Massey we are committed to helping you succeed in all your academic endeavors. Maths First has been designed to encourage student success in first year Mathematics. You can (and should) use it even before you arrive at Massey! Free to access, the site contains a course map outlining first-year maths papers and information about the level of knowledge required to enrol in each course. Competency tests specific to papers are available, allowing you to identify any problem areas. From there, you can link to video tutorials and interactive practice in Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus to help you brush up on any necessary skills. The tutorials use moving graphical images, colour, and audio explanations of concepts. An advantage of MathsFirst is the ability to navigate through tutorials in your own time. Practice really is the key to success in maths, and the site provides plenty of opportunity for specific practice with guided feedback. The online material is also suitable for first-year maths students and anyone who requires mathematics in their studies.

The site has been developed by highly qualified staff within the Institute of Fundamental Sciences in the College of Science.

Dr Tammy Lynch (formerly Smith)
Contibutions: Project Leader, content, client-side interface coding and design
Background: Tammy received three Fund for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching Awards to work on MathsFirst and is the recipient of an IFS Distinguished Teaching Award. She taught high school mathematics for three years and in 2004 won the Royal Society of New Zealand’s Hamilton Memorial Prize for the top young science and technology researcher in the country. Tammy is also the Chair of the IFS Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Committee, member of the College of Science Teaching and Learning Committee and Councillor and Treasurer for the New Zealand Mathematical Society.

Dr. Kee Teo
Contibutions: Content
Background: Kee is the Discipline Leader of Mathematics and was a participating staff member on each of the three Fund for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching Awards received to work on MathsFirst. Kee is the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award for First Year Teaching and four IFS Teaching Awards. He has more than 30 years teaching experience at Massey to students in diverse disciplines, both internal and extramural.

Professor Bob Richardson
Contibutions: "Are you prepared?" quizzes
Background: Bob is a retired University Professor who is currently working as an Information and Communications Technology Officer in IFS just for fun! He was a participating staff member on one of the Fund for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching Awards received to work on MathsFirst. He has nearly 40 years experience in teaching students from diverse disciplines. Prof. Richardson has also won the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Excellence and Innovation Award in 2001 for his book “Networked Business Math”.

Judy Edwards
Contibutions: Client-side interface coding and content
Background: Judy Edwards has over 10 years of experience in developing web technologies including extensive interactive material for the Chemistry discipline at Massey. She is also a trained secondary school mathematics teacher with 4 years experience in teaching mathematics to year 13 level.

Rebecca Keen
Contibutions: Client-side interface coding
Background: Rebecca was a "Keen" BSc student in Mathematics at Massey and worked under the supervision of Tammy Lynch for two summers on client-side interface coding for the site.



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